Baltimore: (443) 687-THE1 / Silver Spring: (301) 663-1323


Some of the many jobs we’ve been hired for:

  • Purchase a new computer & copy over data from old PC
  • Skype a family event to a different city from the middle of a field
  • Diagnose  and replace defective hardware
  • Data recovery off a non-responding hard drive
  • Speed up a slow computer by defragmenting & RAM upgrade
  • Train client in use of Zune, MS Office, Windows
  • Advise on e-mail & domain issues
  • Remove viruses, malware, spyware and rootkits
  • Replaced cracked laptop screens
  • Guide clients with digital cameras, scanners & iPods
  • Setup Carbonite backup software
  • Setup wireless networks and printers
  • Enable remote access via Remote Desktop Connection, LogMeIn, VNC, TeamViewer
  • Quickbooks & POS setups
  • Content filtering for young families with Internet
  • DVD burning
  • Speed up Internet
  • Backup data & re-install Windows
  • Amplify weak wireless signal
  • Guided MS Word / Excel Mail Merge for wedding invitations