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ABOUT "Computer Cure, MD"


Welcome to Computer Cure, MD (previously known as “Baltimore’s Computer Doctor”). We heal Maryland’s computers of viruses, ailments, and whatever else is bugging them — and make you look good. We are the anti-geek — not some nerdy college kid. We are certified, well-qualified experienced professionals. We are your neighbors whom you trust, certified technicians with the know-how to address your digital needs.

We all depend on our computers. We store a part of ourselves in them: our work, our vital data, our business contacts, our children’s school projects, our photographs, our music — our everything. We need our desktops & laptops to perform. Poor performance endangers our data – and that is no small concern. Insist on having a professional service your computer systems. There is an implicit trust when you hire Computer Cure, MD. Most times, we can perform the repair on-site in your business or home. You’ll find it extremely reassuring to deal with a company where you know our techs personally and who treat your computer like family.

Computer Cure, M.D., serves a wide range of small businesses: law firms, property managers, physicians, massage therapists, office-furniture stores, medical transcription services, business consultants, synagogues, construction companies, auto supply companies, grocery stores, day camps and publishers.

We do not charge extra for weekends, holidays or odd hours (as long as one of our FOUR techs is available). Why schlep your computer to the service center? And — who can afford to be down for a couple days until their computer issue is resolved? We bring the service center to you!

We thank our loyal customers for depending on us!

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