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Seniors Can Learn Tech & Impress The Grandkids!

Senior Tech

It's the perfect storm! Wouldn't it be nice if there were customized 1-on-1 tech lessons built for you, to answer all your questions with a friendly human tech? But, often, who has the free time? Now, when you're stuck at home thanks to COVID-19 and don't know what to do, the tech can teach you remotely via ZOOM (that everyone is talking about these days)!

"Computer Cure, MD" has hired a dedicated trainer specializing in "digital immigrants" who are used to doing things "the old-fashioned way". There are 15 different classes on our tech menu, ranging from "Managing & Paying Bills Online" to "Create & Share Photo Albums" and more!

While the offer is valid, and slots are available, here are the rules:

  • The 1st class is absolutely free. If you decide to continue with our trainer, the next classes are only $55 each for an informative 45-minute session.
  • If you decide to stop your training, your only obligation is to connect us with one of your friends who would appreciate the same free 45-minute tech session themselves.
  • These classes are not limited to those in the Baltimore/DC area. Out-of-towners can also apply for the program.
  • To order your free Senior class -- we're not talking HS Seniors -- please e-mail

We'd love to discuss your areas of interest. You just need to call or e-mail to jump start your journey. .

COVAD-19 NOTE: All of our techs have been tested for Coronavirus & antibodies. Additionally, when making service calls, we wear masks to protect everyone.


1. Browse the Internet
2. Use email
3. Manage your bills & finances (safely!)
4. Play games & use your brain
5. Download and watch movies
6. Listen to podcasts, find your favorite music and create playlists
7. Stay in touch with friends and family via social media software
8. Create & share photo albums
9. Shop online (safely!)
10. Edit your own videos and photos
11. Create & save documents
12. Find & retain online resources
13. Dip into the world of apps!
14. Sell your bric-a-brac (your old stuff) online (safely!)
15. Build your own website (easily)