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Senior Tech

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Five tech solutions that may help to keep older adults healthy, safe and socially connected while making caregiving tasks less stressful for their family members.

1. Social Connection – Video Chat and Social Media Keep Seniors in Touch with Long-distance Loved Ones
2. Safety – Seniors Living Alone Can Get Help with the Push of a Button
3. Exercise – Video Games Get Seniors' Bodies and Minds Moving
4. Medication Management – Smartphone Apps Can Help Prevent Medication Errors
5. Health Tracking – Online Tools Simplify the Process of Maintaining and Accessing Seniors' Health Information

Welcome to Senior Tech, a division of "Computer Cure, MD"!  We have observed that often, the senior population ("digital immigrants" as we prefer to call them) are getting left behind. They don't know how to e-mail, store contacts in an app on their phone, view pictures of grandchildren on Facebook or pay bills online instead of making the trek to the post office (over the ice-covered sidewalks). In fact, worse is the fact that often seniors fall prey to the worst scams for identity theft or IRS, social security or tax hoaxes. 

We partner with numerous senior centers in the greater Baltimore area & offer many courses in:

  1. - Microsoft Windows
  2. - Internet Browsing Know-How
  3. - Microsoft Office
  4. - Social Media
  5. - Individualized attention and 1-on-1 classes 
  6. ... and more.